Seven - WIP - Chapter One

By Chocolate Mix

Do you want to be a pirate?
Yeahh, sure.

Did you become a pirate by your own will?
I am a prisoner of circumstances.


Recently, the king's increasing his taxes at a tremendous rate, leaving your family to debt. You've always played by the rules-- what did you do to deserve this? Your father sends you to collect money from a man who owes him. He turns out to be a thief who steals from you, but you stop him. He gives in, and goes to a man who owes him as well. This man was the owner of a beautiful vessel; but months later, he couldn't sell it. So the thief gives you a proposal: to get the ship. You were endeared by this proposal for it meant you can go sailing through the oceans and seas-- which you've always been so passionate about, as well as fight the government and end the king's tyranny, another life goal you had. When you take the ship without the consent of your father, he's infuriated. You then tell him that you're going to be... a pirate! You're going to find riches untold, and get your family out of debt and better yet, let them live a comfortable life. When your parents disagree to it, you run away, and team up with the thief to commandeer the vessel, fight the government, and achieve your separate goals!

Yeah, yeah. Boring summary, but it's prominent that you know.

This game is created by Twine with Sugarcube (v1.0), an interactive fiction of adventure and action about a person trying to get their family out of debt by becoming a pirate.

This game is currently in the expositon stage, so the mechanics have not been implemented yet until further chapters. Look forward to it!

Upcoming Features that-havent-been-implemented-YET!

  • Intelligence, magic, strength, and eloquence-- use these to your advantage to get the things you want and need!
  • Maintain a ship to survive battles out in the sea, and make everybody recognize and fear it at first sight!
  • Overthrow the king
  • Save your family out of debt
  • Build relationships
  • uhh etc.
  • I might be adding more than this in the future.

At this stage, I haven't fully focused on editing it. I might appreciate those with a good, keen eye to keep on the lookout for glaring grammatical errors! Also, if you get an error code along the way, please tell me.

It's a work in progress, and therefore not completed. It is only up until Chapter 1. I have warned you!

Mobile Version

PC Version

This game is unlisted for the sake of it being an unedited WIP, and I need a few people to test it and check it if you'd be so kind.

I'll check it out, it looks pretty cool!

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