The Hobbit -Retold. (looking for feedback)


I'm new to Quest and have had an idea for a TA floating around in my head since the 80's, so I am in the process of writing it (with a lot of forum reading, coffee and trial & error), I've currently almost completed the first location(s) and would like some feedback.

game is a WIP and I'm not a coder (although finding my way around little by little) , so be gentle with me.
Please ignore the 'Introduction' and other fill-in screens (they are place holders).

EDIT: Link Removed - Lack of feedback , also I've decided to withhold the game in any form until it's completed, at which time I shall publish it.


Nice start...
noob and solution did not work for me...


Agree with DarkLizerd although noob seemed to take affect after the 3rd turn(input). I used it at the first time I got the prompt.
solution had no affect unless I was supposed to have some puzzle to solve first. I didn't play long enough maybe?
Otherwise a good beginning. One thing though, in the opening you have used the word CHIME twice. Perhaps some other synonym could be used for one of them. It doesn't detract from the story - just my preference.


Thanks for the replies...Oops forgot to say that 'noob' has been removed and 'solution' although coded wont be incorporated into the game until final release (so as not to give too much away).

Thanks for pointing out the 'chimes', I've now changed one instance.

Any other feedback is welcome and constructive criticism appreciated.


Personally... I don't care, that much, for games based on books or movies...
If the game is too close, then it is just a case of "watch the movie" or "Just read the book" and see what to do next...
Or, if you are too far from the story then it is a case of "Where the %$%#$%^* did this take place!!!???"

BUT, that said, a game that takes place in the realm of the book or movie, then you are extending the story...
Kinda like:
"Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Shire, ..." this happened...
and then have your story run from there...
But I know there are people that like to relive a story as a game...


The game (plot) will neither follow the book nor be a 'meanwhile elsewhere', but this isnt apparent in the start - and I dont want to give too much away. I realise there are those - like yourself - who arent fans of games based on books/films, but I was looking for feedback on the UI, command responses etc. If I didnt like Pepsi or Coke, I'd probably not be much use in a 'Taste the Difference' test.

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