Giving away my idea of a game

So this may be lame but I am announcing the release of my abandoned project.

I believe my ideas are original but you are free to deny that opinion of mine.

Here it is:

A space game where you fly around, all while you need to refuel your ship and buy food for yourself.

If you visit the International Space Station you might be able to punch a security guard to death and that might land you in jail.
That is probably the most interesting of what you can do in that game.

The reason I am uploading is in hope that someone may be able to hijack this idea and be inspired to create such game.
PS: I am not giving up, I am currently learning how to HTML and use Javascript but somewhere else than Quest.

Nothing more than that? No other ideas or possible encounters? Something like Battlecruiser Millennium or Freelancer?

The game was supposed to be very huge and complex, but I did not even scratch the surface of my plans.

I still have the plans on my computer, so here are the features that the game WAS supposed to have if it was finished;

-Crew management, together with health and hygiene, food ration and morale.
-Combat system, armor stats, different weapons, marksman skills.
-Randomly generated planets (Animals, landscape, conditions), you can partially see that in the game but its buggy.
-Space combat, over-heating guns, distance between ships etc.
-Trade and dynamic economy system.. and much more over-ambitious ideas.

So what you gave away is really nothing. Are you hoping someone'll do the work for you so you can play it?

lol no.

I do not think it is -really- nothing, it took me a lot of time (I was less experienced back then) to prepare all the planet generation so why not just give it out here.

Also I am currently working on something else so I don´t care about this.

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