ITCH.IO Release and Ver. 1.0 | Gilui & Orima: A Text-Based Comedic Adventure

THE GAME IS OUT ON ITCH.IO! Another game I was working on, DEATH PENALTY, is also on You can download both games through the links at the bottom of this post.

How to Play?

You will be given 4 prompts to choose from, and every prompt shows a different outcome. Just do that 15 times to beat the game. Easy as cheese!

Take Note!

Scenarios are rarely related to one another. Go ahead and break continuity! Kill someone off to put them in again. Destroy the city to have it spotless to never have a city in the first place. Live a bonkers world to live bonkers! The limit is never the limit!

Remember that sometimes, YOUR ACTIONS CAUSE CONSEQUENCES. Certain outcomes could affect future outcomes. Multiple playthroughs of the same outcome ARE INDEED required to get 100% completion because of these consequences. (For the quality of life, consequences will be listed in a tab that will be unlocked after your first gameplay.)

Spread the Word!

Feel free to reenact any and all scenarios you stumble upon for personal gain via live-action acting, animations, or voiceovers. Be sure to credit me in the end! If you don't, I'll sue you... (or not)

"Itch"ing for Exclusives

The version of the game contains:

The main game and all its necessary files.
Exclusive easter eggs in the form of text files.
Concept OST used in promotional work/mentioned in-game in .mp3, .mid, and .sequence files. (Use of .sequence files for only.)
Concept Art used in promotional work/visualizations of the many events in the game.
Maybe more?
And that's all there is. 1.0.0. is out NOW on both AND

WARNING: This game contains the following:

Mild Alcohol Reference
Gruesome Depictions of Death involving Women, Family members, and complete strangers
Violence References (Applied violence/abuse towards person, murder, torture, etc.)
Comic Mischief
Language (Uncensored: D@mn, @ss, H#ll, and P!ss. All other swears are either not used, applied, or fully/semi-censored.)
Mild Suggestive Themes (Thanks, Orima!)
Use of Tobacco
This game is intended for those people 13 years old and up. If you are not 13 years old or older and/or do not want to see anything listed above, do not play this game. (Profanity and Sexual Reference Filters are available to make it at least a G-rated game via the in-game settings menu.)

Download the Game/s:

Gilui & Orima:
Death Penalty:

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