Two weeks away from finishing! Surreal. Need test-players.

So this is the game i've been working on for like....ever.
Pretty simple type-to-play game.
You wake up (fem POV) in a living room that feels familiar, but you have no idea where you are, who YOU are, or who the random Guy is in the chair.
In order to unlock things, talk to Guy.
Sound is optional, ask Guy about the Radio if you want to hear music.
In order to ask Guy a question, click his name, click question him about, and you should get a list. Type in 'ask Guy about ___', and fill in the blank with what you want to ask him.
Well, here it is.
Currently, the Blocked room is still blocked, and the yard is not done. Will update when finished.
Test-players, put bug reviews/reviews in the game reviews. Thank you for playing!

Hello everyone! Just an update.
The entire game is done except for the very end.
Sound WILL play, so if you do not want sound, mute your computer until I make a mute button :)
Also, this game is based on conversation. You will need to talk to Guy in pretty much every room.
Items do not matter much in this game.
This is basically just interactive fiction, a nice story :)
Thank you for playing!

The game is done everyone!
Now, it is in the romance category, but there is very little romance, if at all :).
Again, talk to Guy to progress, question him so you can get a list so you can ask him things, and just generally have fun.
(Sorry, you need to mute entire computer in order for sound not to play).
Please leave reviews! :D

In the first room at the very start it says there's a radio but when I type "examine radio" the game tells me it isn't there. ? This happened with the table, the door and the boxes too.

Examine is not a verb used in the game, sorry.
The only way to interact with things in that room is by talking to Guy.
Ask Guy about the radio instead, that should work.

The problem here though is that's how people will expect the game to behave. And when it doesn't they'll assume the game to be broken/unfinished and abandon it. And it isn't massively difficult to add those objects as scenery objects and give them a description.
Otherwise remove the parser and make it more like a CYOA and limit people's options.

!: They are all interactive, as long as you talk to Guy. I can't make them scenery.
2: I do not know what 'CYOA' and 'parser' means. This is my first game. I'l fiddle with settings and see if that makes it any cleaner, but I would think that if people can't interact with the room, they'll move to interacting with Guy, and seeing that that is how they play the game.

You asked for test players and this is my feedback. You can't just completely change the IF gaming conventions and then wonder why people complain when the game doesn't work like a parser game (meaning you input words in a box) is supposed to. If you describe objects in the room description people will want to examine them. When they try it and the game says 'I can't see that' they'll assume the game is broke and abandon it.

picky editorial comment:

in your first room you have:

There's two chairs

you wouldn't say there is two chairs, so you shouldn't use there's

The correct phrasing is
There are two chairs

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