Marvel Universe: The Framework (Multi-Adventure Super Hero Simulation Game Idea)

Hey guys and gals, so I've been thinking of some ideas for working on a possible game for Quest and/or Twine/Inkle and since I am a massive Marvel fan - and have been half on, half off working on a possible Spider-Man CYOA for a year now - I have come up with an interesting premise which lets you play as some of your favourite heroes and heroines in a series of simulations.

In Marvel Universe: The Framework (inspired by elements from the recent Agents of SHIELD episodes) you play as a resourceful SHIELD agent in the Classic Marvel Comics Universe who is tasked by Nick Fury and with supervision from Agents Phil Coulson, Agent Melinda May and Doctor Radcliffe to test out the Framework, a newly installed virtual reality program which can allow the user to become anyone in a realistic constructed world, and work through training exercises inspired by real incidents which the superhuman population have undertaken. Since Fury is keen to have SHIELD agents understand and respect the abilities and choices heroes undertake, the Framework is designed to help with that, and you are its first subject!

The hope is that there will be several programs for the agent/player to try out, but the first of these will be entitled Spider-Man: The Bank Heist. In it you will become Peter Parker, aka the Amazing Spider-Man. Based on a unseen incident during the hero's early days as part of the New Avengers, Spider-Man and another New Avenger find themselves having to save hostages and stop a determined group of professional criminals from robbing a high security bank... and the super criminals that have enlisted them! Here's what I hope to include in this first adventure...

  • Three costumes for Spidey to wear, each giving different options for actions and with strengths and weaknesses in certain areas. Web criminals up faster in the classic red and blue, go super stealthy in black or gain additional strength and power as Iron Spider!
  • One of six different heroes from the New Avengers and beyond to team up with, again changing the dynamic of the mission.
  • Two of six possible dangerous super criminals from Spider-Man's legendary rogues gallery to tackle and different strategies and team ups for each, either by yourself or with your ally!
  • Inspired by 2016's Hitman, choose your entry point into the bank and how to approach your objectives as you move through the building outside and inside. Will you go all out against your enemies, use stealth to save the hostages, work alongside the police forces or try something else?

The hope is that Spider-Man: The Bank Heist will be the first of a selection of simulations/adventures for you to try out, with future missions in mind featuring the Secret Avengers, Uncanny X-Men and more! Anyway, I'm hoping that I can try to get some good input for this if possible, along with anything you might want to see in the Bank Heist mission. Anyway, thanks for reading and I'll let you know when I have something to show off. :)

Sounds like a lot of thought has gone into this. I'd be wary (but I'm a sissy) about copyright infringement. This topic comes up a lot and is mostly ignored. So, take it for what it's worth. Best of luck.

Given that there are Star Wars interactives and many other ones on here and many other places, plus the fact it's not designed to be profitable, I think I'm fine. But thanks, it's sort of something which came out of an idea I had a year ago for a more conventional Spider-Man CYOA game (that one was based on the Civil War comic event) which has expanded into a set of ideas, including this recent one.

Right now the current question is whether I pick an actual bank in New York for the location or make one up... and whether I can find a suitable map for it or design one myself. (Whether or not it's actually in the game I don't know, but I'll need to know where things are in relation to each other.)

just create your own super hero/villian 'universe'... easiest way to potentially (as you can still be found guilty in court of stealing others properties, as you create your own characters) be as safe as possible.

come up with your own characters and super powers, be your own version of Stan Lee... should be more fun... lol

Honestly if groups like Marvel or Disney were that petty about a little non-profit project like mine they might as well ban fandom altogether. I'm not creating anything original - which would likely be a rip off of something anyway - just for that sake. Fanfiction, fan films and the like all happen out of love anyway, not stepping on people's toes.

if groups like Marvel or Disney were that petty about a little non-profit project like mine

They're that petty. You might fly under their radar, you might not. If you don't, you're in for a lawsuit and a court case. It's much better if you seek out permission to use their characters and universe than take the chance.

Disney has a nasty reputation for being vicious when it comes to copyright infringement. And copyright infringement is not based on whether you make money at something or not.

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