Serania - Path of the Scion, a text-based role playing game with choices is out

Hello everyone,

Just a quick announcement that my choice-based text adventure game Serania - Path of the Scion is out :-)

The story takes place in a Nordic culture inspired medieval fantasy world. You play as a villager, who is suddenly being hunted by the king's Blackblade soldiers for some reason. You must escape and explore the realm to find allies and clues about your ancestry to solve the mystery.

I created this game with an idea about merging classic text adventure elements with a gamebook-style, choice-based interface. As a result, the game will seamlessly alter between choose-what-to-do-now passages and other parts with free world exploration, inventory management, puzzle-solving, and even combat.

The gameplay is designed specifically for mobile as a “pocket-adventure”, easy to play for a while when you need a break, and easy to pick up and resume later.

I hope you like the result. I appreciate any thoughts and comments :-)

Note: The first part of the story is free to play. Unlocking the full story is $3.99.
You can get the game here:

iOS App Store

Google Play

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