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I am a novice when it comes to programming with beginner level understanding. I was trying to make a Cartesian coordinate map using an x and y axis and using the room object as a node along the map grid. I was able to make a X 50 by Y 50 grid with entry points in all 8 directions ( N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW) but was wanting to make a larger map (100 X by 100 Y was my original goal.) Sadly, I ran into a memory error after having some excessive amount of objects in the game (the number of exits were somewhere in the 25,000's range and the number of room objects were in the 1000's before it finally read the memory error.) While I'm probably program this "game board" in the most tedious and inelegant way as possible, after running into these errors, I thought that I might be able to get some help from the forum. I did a quick search and couldn't find anything on adding rooms in batch, or some other method which would be less resource heavy and more program efficient. Any suggestions would be appreciated and I'm more than willing to learn how to make this better with a little direction. Thanks!

First thought... 100x100 is 10,000 rooms!!! That's not a game, that's a world!!
FYI: 10,000 room, and reading 1 minute for each room, to visit every room would require 167 hours of play! Or 7 days of playing 24 hours per day.
As for batch adding rooms... well, I don't think you can do that with Quest. After all, a game with 100 rooms, or locations, is a large game as it is.
I thought of making a program that would build the map, IE: rooms, connections, maybe descriptions, but I didn't know if anyone would want it, altho, you may be a candidate for it, but, if you've already made the rooms, it may be a bit late.
Another option could be to divide up the map into "useable" sections, and just re-use those rooms as needed and not have the full map created.
IE: you have 5x5 rooms, with all the exits created, then hide exits not needed, and have a data section that would have all the room descriptions, and another data section that would have all the items listed, and use that to describe and populate the "working rooms".
(My background in in Basic programming, and that's how it would be done in Basic.)
But, you said "game board"... what did you have in mind???
There may be a better way of doing what you want.

You could also create the rooms/map in TRISBORT and then export it to Quest. You can even add some objects if you want to too.
Mind you, I've never done it this way as I still prefer a pencil & paper approach.

TRISBORT... Interesting program...
LOTS more than I would have thought of.
I think I heard someone commenting about a mapper assistant program like this, or a different one, not sure.
I'm just not sure which option to export to Quest so that the game could be finished in Quest.
OH!... There is a Quest option!
OK, this beats what I could have made, now, just to figure out all the commands.

Thank you! Both of these are extremely helpful! I like the idea of having a set number of rooms that can be modified, that seems really easy to implement and makes a lot of sense. I also watched a couple of tutorials on TRISBORT and it looks very promising and it would be a useful tool for mapping. Since I'm a really new to this whole coding thing, I think I'll try both of these methods just for the sake of practice. I definitely plan on making more than one game, but having a template or getting use to tools that will help me become more effective is also part of becoming a better developer. Thanks again, your help is very much appreciated! Kudos!

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