Rating system

I can't be bothered to look if this has been mentioned before but the rating system sucks in one way.

It needs a reset every so often.

Whether it's every six months. Reset all ratings to zero. Gives new writers a chance to reach the top rated list.

I think on average people want to know what to play? First thing is looking at the top rated games. Fair enough there is a reason they are there! But the same ones being seen for years and years?!

Reset, people, make it fresh and competitive!

Am I alone on this?

I think it would be interesting to have ratings fade over time, so that some 'fad' can get more attention but not remain perpetually high. Maybe weight ratings based on age, so those in the last month count double and older than a year are halved. I don't think a full reset is necessary, because those older games are still good.

Maybe it would be good to have two "top" listings – a list of high rated games, and a separate one for 'trending' that focuses on what has got good ratings recently.

I love textadventures.co.uk for creating games, but hate it for locating games.

To find high-quality text-adventure and interactive fiction games, go to ifdb.org.

ifdb.org always had a reasonable ranking method, but this year they just further improved it with a baysian algorithm. I nearly always agree with the ranking it generates. It also provides a whole lot of helpful tools to search for and accurately locate the kinds of games you want.

Or even better, make something like "This month", "This year" and "All time".


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