Can I license my game rule copyright under textadventures so others can help me sue instead or scare off big company copycats?

Dragon of Atlantis is a choose your own adventure game.
Copyright 2023 foxrain4. All rights reserved.

The “How to play” is copyrighted under and is made by foxrain4.
Any textadventure members may use the “How to play” and publish games only on for profit or for free.

Any textadventure members is allowed to sue game publishers that makes use of the “How to play” but is publishing their game on other non-legit websites.

How to play:
The game is simple — choose your path and accept the results or consequences of your actions by flipping to the new page.
Combat is unfortunately manual: Decide whether the player or enemy attacks first, by flipping a coin. The fighters takes turns to swing their weaponry onto their adversary until one quits.

On a win, you may claim any spoils from the enemy.
On a lose, do not receive any spoils from the enemy.

On a win or lose, recover your fighting equipment's atk and hp to its original numbers.
On a win or lose, you continue your journey, you only stop your journey when the story says The End.

You can equip only one fighting equipment to fight with enemy.
Example: Choose to equip Falcon hinged sword atk 310 hp 500 or Venom Bow atk 100 hp 900

You can wear only one attribute accessory to do attribute test.
Example: Choose to wear Silver necklace intelligence 10 (10gc) or Belt of ability strength 15
Example: You tried to persuade the tavern master to divulge the secret location of the dragon, if your intelligence is at least 5, you may go to page 71.

Equipping fighting equipment, attribute accessory and skill requires time, so you are required to equip them before the situation happen and not wait until the situation happen and then equip whatever you want which is cheating as you have already seen the enemy's weaknesses.

If you are unlucky, you might trigger traps or disasters, unlike enemies, they deal instant damage to you like Mountain boulders damage 500 (Cannot be blocked.)
If you had equipped Falcon hinged sword atk 310 hp 500, you get injured as your hp reaches 0 which means The End for you.
Fortunately you can activate one skill beforehand to reduce direct damage.
If you had equipped Evasion evade skill 100, you would still have left 100 hp, you survived the threat and restore hp to its original numbers.
If you had equipped Quick shield block skill 200, you would left 0 hp, because Mountain boulders was stated as cannot be blocked.

Fighting equipments can have adjective.
Example: Player equips Citadel sword fire atk 220 flying hp 660.
Meets an enemy, Goblin Rider atk 100 hp 700 (Deals doubled damage to fire enemy, receives halved damage from flying enemy.)

All triggers happens once only, like fighting enemies, taking loots, buying items, disasters happens, if you cannot remember if you had done so, choose to do it or skip it.

Occassionally you may find flip a coin item, like atk powder, target a equip, if heads, + 100 atk, if tails, - 20 atk. This can permanently increase the equip's stats as the new “original numbers”.

Silver necklace intelligence 10 (10gc) means you can sell it for 10 gold coins at anywhere.

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