Constantly getting timeouts while playing

Hi community, I successfully released my first textadventure. I, as well as all people who played the game so far, are all reporting they would experience timeouts several times while playing. And this isn't because I or they are doing longer breaks while playing, it often happens in the second you finished and sent a command, more or less instantly. I read somewhere it would help using https:// instead of http:// and I first thought it's more stable now, but there are so many people reporting back it wouldn't still work, that my last hope is to find a solution in this forum. Otherwise, it's worthless asking the people to play the game. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

It could be that the server was more overloaded than usual while they were trying; or that the issues are caused by something in the game. (If one of your scripts goes into an infinite loop, it will just time out waiting for a response from the server).

What's the game?

Hmmh, good shout. However, the timeouts occur at very different positions in the game. Start, finish, in the middle, so I can't spot any pattern here, which would lead me to a specific script. Additionally, there's no rocket science in our game, just using standard if/when clauses etc.

The game is

But it's not public, because we use it as the indoor part of a GeoCache.

Any further ideas?

Are you playing this on-line???
If so, it could just be an overloaded server.

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