Has anyone tried to create the D&D ruleset as a library (or collection of libraries) in Quest?

I was wondering. I've seen a lot of RPG style ideas, and I've seen at least one game called "Dungeons and Dragons" (but that was a very short story, rather than a game).

It might be something interesting for Dungeon Masters of D&D or Game Masters of other table tops to experiment with creating their worlds by using Quest. There might be a niche there.

There might also be some folks out there who wouldn't mind solo D&D occasionally. (though one of the interesting and fun things is watching imaginations merge and converge as they create the situations together.)

Anyway, I've toyed with the idea of possibly working on getting the basic D&D 5e rules and functionality into a library as a "someday it might be fun" sort of thing. But it also might be impossible in quest, and I just wondered if anyone had ever given it a serious go?

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