How to invoke the creative spirits of the people

To be able to write something that invokes the creative spirits of the readers is something that only a professional can do and I have strived in every possible way to become a professional writer and then have my own company as well. Today, as one of the best western fiction writers in the industry, I can tell that people always look for amazing content to help them have a good time while they read. Your creativity is the only thing to help invoke the creative spirits of the readers. Do you agree?

Your creativity is the only thing to help invoke the creative spirits of the readers. Do you agree?

I see the link above which may constitute spam but I also think the idea of resources here on the forum is a good idea. True it is paid but perhaps a resource for writing section would be a good idea. We discuss coding in a game but I'm sure many people could use a hand when writing the story. Especially in Gamebooks.

The first word in the quoted sentence from AshleyMoen is the most important in writing something people will want to read. Be yourself.
Put yourself into any scenario and try not to stray too far from it. This doesn't mean having all the characters be like you but you write the story as you would if speaking it. Draw upon who you are as a person and your writing will be genuine and far more believable with less effort. You can tweak or learn new skills and use them because they will still be based on who you are.

Character building (not stats) is the hardest thing for me because I know how I would react to something but lack somewhat in the ability to really understand someone else's motivations. I am trying to write in a more narrative style so I can tell the story showing a person's motives in my own opinion which can lead to a learning experience or a real understanding of other people's emotional motives later in the story. I add a lot of humor because that's who I am. The Steve Martin of Text Adventure.

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