unable to save even though im signed in

I recently joined this platform and im trying to check some games out but whenever I go to save it just says "Failed to save" even though i'm signed in and everything. This is really annoying because of how often text adventures will freeze and stop working at random.

I was able to save one time completely out of nowhere but now it won't let me save anymore and i can't continue that save as it just says "failed to load game" if i try to resume it

Edit: the button to save also almost never shows up. The only time it did show up was the 1 time it let me save my progress. Typing in "save" when the button doesn't show up is when it says it failed

This problem has been going on for several months. It's like no one cares about fixing it. Are we not good enough to have the ability to enjoy playing online? That's just wrong, and I'm really disappointed in the website administrator for not fixing it or even giving a reason why they haven't.

i get the feeling we've been abandoned. I moved on to using Twine during September soon after I gave up hope that anyone's going to fix this site. it's a shame, textadventures.co is great in terms of finding what you want.

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