online save problem

I can't save or load games online anymore. When I try to load a saved game, it says "Failed to load game". When I try to save a game, it says "Failed to save game" This has been going on for weeks. When is this going to be fixed?

I've got the same problem. Logged in but the game is not saving or loading...

It's that the updates messed up things a bit, and no one is fixing it. I've always copy and pasted the Squiffy code into a Google Doc and then put it back into the scratch pad. That way, nothing will be lost.

No idea how to do that - can you help?

Are you having trouble when trying to save a game you are playing, or in one of the editors?

Is this a problem with Quest or Squiffy?

The issue is that a few things were screwed up by the updates, and nobody is addressing them. I always copy the Squiffy code into a Google Doc, paste it there, and then return it to the scratch pad. Nothing will be lost in this manner.

You'd think it would be fixed by now. Why are we being neglected?

ahhh, since we're on the subject. I'm new here. there any way to archive games you'd like to play or revisit? Or do you have to search them back up manually?

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