My hobby website

I'm working on a hobby website that I can put my softwares and games in. If you want to check it out and give some feedback, you can access the site from here:

a bit colourful :-)

Yeah minimalism is not for me :D

Looks like I've abandoned this thread (and my site) a little bit. I actually have plans for EV Range Calculator, though.

Maybe I'll divide online and downloadable programs within the main page. Or a seperate page for my current game Street RPG, including a download link... Or how about a seperate page for EVERY PROGRAM/GAME I make? That way people would get more infos about them.

Or what could be better for it?


I decided to change the interface to something like a Pentium 4 BIOS.

Software array is unchanged though. It has a shutdown program, a console clock application, an IDE demo that allows you to write .BAT files, an electric vehicle calculator, as well as a link to my game Street RPG. Nothing more, nothing less :D

I think it looks much better and more advanced than previous version, though.

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