Is there any text adventure game in here have game over system?

Is there any text adventure game in here that has a game over the system?
I want the hardcore game that is really uneasy to process.
Can I find one over here? Recommend me

I didn't quite understand your question. Are you looking for a good text based adventure game? If yes, I'd suggest you to go for "A dark room"

If there isn't a text-adventure game with a "game over" system built-in, you may need to experiment with your text-adventure or gamebook game what you're currently developing. I am currently experimenting on these games what I am making.

When the player dies, just move them to a room called "Dead", and if you want, give them a short "how did they do" report.
Well, that didn't go so well, but, on the brighter side, you did manage to...
Find 5 of the 15 treasures.
Defeat 9 of the 22 monsters.
Meet 3 of the 9 NPCs.
But you failed to save the Princess.

That's one example what youve mentioned.
Here's my example Game Over text below:

You've enjoyed riding a poodle? But you haven't reached a car-free town. Here's what you've got so far:
  • 150 tons of CO2 removed
  • 20/250 Children saved from spanking or any other corporal punishment (helping to prevent bodily harm of any kind)
  • 5/50 of NOT spanking your poodle so far
  • 28/250 leather belts used for spanking destroyed so far
  • Current location to reach as a goal: Japan
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This is my version of a "Game Over" system what I am currently working on for some of my games. Here is my another example, if you completed the game, and the game ends:
You Did It! Enjoyed riding a poodle? You reached the end of the level, and this is the level where you currently stop, here's what you achieved so far:
  • Saved 1000/1000 from being spanked
  • Closed 200/200 loopholes
  • 1000/1000 leather belts destroyed
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In StoreyMinus, I only give stats, distance covered, wealth to those who actually escape from underground London. Otherwise, if you are dead, who cares how much you had on you. :)

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