Free game cover art via copilot

copilot: Ip Man
forum image: Vurt834

Make your own game cover art via copilot, you can use the art I published below as well since I won't be using them.

Fantasy d97fc7ac-3eb9-4433-b690-ac8eaeaac341 Sci-fi 08ffa677-dc49-4478-985a-fbfb4f70fab4 Mystery image-1 Simulation foxrain4-a-golden-coin-cb3f967c-54d2-42f8-9fde-d12da868e033 Slice of life Merry-go-round-Background

Very Cool! Original Game Page Cover Art!
I will have to ask for something for my next game.

I tried to have Copilot create cover art for me, and it came close to something I could use, but then quit on me and started saying it was a language model AI, and could only describe artwork, not create it!

I asked it to revise the cover art image it created based on my description, and then it spit out the description in its own words with this quote at the end...

Imagine this vividly on a cover art, and you’ll have a captivating representation of your game world! 🌟🎮

Do you have different copilot websites?

I apologize for any confusion, but I don’t have direct knowledge of specific websites or platforms related to “Copilot.” However, I’m here to assist you with any other questions or tasks you might have! Feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to help. 😊

The response was funny as copilot do not who know he is, like many sci-fi movies where the cyborgs can't tell if they are bots or humans.
Then I realized I misread your question, you are actually able to generate image, just not being able to upgrade the image with more descriptions continuously.
The solution is to look for other ai websites, but I recommended copilot, because it is completely free and does not stress people to buy credits or membership.

DALL·E 3 is designed to decline requests that ask for an image in the style of a living artist. Creators can now also opt their images out from training of our future image generation models.

If this is true, it is more moral website than other ai sites, not to say that I am a moral one =D

Is your generating pictures always free?

Certainly! My picture generation services are always free. Feel free to provide any creative prompts or ideas, and I’ll be happy to create something imaginative for you. 😊

At least for now, it is going to be free, but nobody can predicts the future.

One solution (I think) is to copy the image, paste into an empty email, send to self, open email message, copy long line of text where picture should have been, paste to copilot with request beneath for any specific upgrade. It sounds like a lot of trouble to do for more than one upgrade, and maybe it doesn't work, but it should.

When I send email image to myself, I only get my image, not a code or text

Apparently I can just directly paste in the picture into copilot itself directly, but it does not seems to imitate the original picture and instead, it is giving me an entirely new picture.


  1. When you paste in a picture into copilot, you can ask copilot to describe your picture in text, then you reuse some of the important keyword texts and ask copilot to create a picture of that

  2. Copilot goes funny when you add in too much description text.

  3. Copilot sometimes refuses to generate picture, refreshing website page seems to reset the jam.

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