Total newbie here! I'm looking to make a CYOA story for my science communication course, the idea being people can experience what it's like being a researcher. In the game they would be making ethical decisions and understanding how those decisions might impact others.

However, I can't see anything about the ability to see what choices people make in the story overall. Is this possible? It would be something that I'd be looking to be able to include in the results of my coursework.

Thanks for any help you guys can give!


Are you using Quest or Squiffy? I use Squiffy as a teacher. When I want my students to demonstrate that they read a game, I have an ending page where appears a series of numbers indicating the ending game state. I make them copy that line and paste it into an email to me or onto my class message board.

One alternative might be to get web hosting from somewhere that gives you stats for the number of times each page was viewed; and then have your game include an image on each page (or the ones after significant choices). They you can see the number of times each page was visited.

If you want to find out which choices a particular person made, then you probably will have to make your own system; whether that's building a simple webform to collect the results on a server you control, or giving the player some kind of password they can send you.

I've got to assume Squiffy would be perfect for this. You could make an ending page using the "if seen" trick to show what pages the person visited. There can't be that many you'd want to check, and it would be a simple tasks for building an end page to show the result.

In fact, as far as a decision path effort, I'd think squiffy would be perfect.

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