link text help? accents

I would like to use Quest to make a text adventures in French and Spanish (I'm a foreign language teacher). The main text of pages work fine for this, but the link text does not allow for accents or other special characters. Does anyone know of a way around this? Is there another program might be better for this? Thanks.

What's the problem with accents in links? They work fine for me.

What kind of links are you having problems with? Can you give an example of a situation which does not work, what you expect it to do, and what it does?

I think you might not be able to put accents in an object's name, but that shouldn't be an issue. The name of an object is only used within the code, and has a limited character set to allow for faster hashing. The "alias" field is the name that a player sees.

Edit: You said you were creating a text adventure, but you mention pages and links, neither of which exists in text adventure mode.
So I went back to try making a gamebook with accents in the link text, and found that this also works fine without any kind of problem. The only place you can't have accents is in a page name, which is nevert displayed to the player anyway.

Edit 2: Just tried it. You shouldn't put wide characters in the names of objects or pages, but apparently Quest has no problem with it. It might make your game run a little slower because hash lookups are slightly slower with wide characters, but there isn't any kind of difference you should notice.

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