can i make .exe games

Hey! im completely new to quest, i found it in i want to make .exe games i can sell or put for download free on and other sites, is that possible? if so how do i use this program? it looks very interesting and if i can use it to make some types of .exe or .jar games something runable on a windows (i dont require mac) pc thats a one folder file, then it would be Great

unfortunately, unless you (or if you can find someone who) know all the programming software (non-net and net) that quest uses and/or can convert/compile it over to using JS (see this link and other links within it: ) ... you're out of luck ... as Alex has moved on to do other things in his life, without completing the conversion of quest to purely/fully using JS.

but, you can still host quest (game and library) files (xxx.aslx) on whatever site for downloading, and all your downloaders would need to play them is to also download and install the quest engine (quest.exe), to be able to play them on their computers.

otherwise, you can ask Manowar, and create/copy his server setup for hosting quest games (as for yourself, but you then still need the quest.exe on your own server(s) or whatever the version of it for servers... meh (I don't know anything about networking/servers).

if you're interested in learning to use/play/(make games with) quest, there's the forum, and also the doc site ( ), which has lots of guides and a tutorial as well as additional guides on the forum and additional tutorials by users

Im a n it tech so i know the server stuff, But i guess i will uninstall quest them, Im gonna go Try Construct 2 i think it seems like a good program :/ Thanks for the help :)

The easiest way to write a game and compile it into an executable, is to start with a programing language that will compile into an .exe file...
Visual basic will do it...
I think VB 10 (aka will also...
C... all versions.
DOS Basic...

Looked at Construct 2... $125.00 to start, and it is a graphical environment, not text based...
Or you could look into RPGXP for free.

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