Is there a way to get my story out of Sandpit?

Hi all- I'm an idiot and when I uploaded my story it was done incorrectly, tagged as broken and dumped in the Sandpit :-( I've fixed it now and everything is working. Is there any way out? Thanks!!

Please provide the link. I’ll take a look and (hopefully) move it to the proper category.

Ignore the above comment. I assume the game you were mentioning was “Fiona”. I gave it a quick play and placed it in fantasy.

It will not show up on recent publications on the home page (that’s beyond my control and something I wish I was able to change). So... if you want people to “see” it, you can copy it and republish it as a new game with a new game ID... or, “advertise it” on the forum page if you want to get feedback.

No worries- thanks! Hopefully I'll get the next one right the first time.

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