How to save game in Zork?


Hi I have checked the forums but can't find a way to save my game in Zork and successfully reload it. Can anyone help? Thank you.


When you save and restore (which works if you don't close the page), watch the url address.

This is an issue with the online interpreter.

Any games like this version of Zork which are in the Z-machine format (which are played online via the Parchment interpreter) will report that your game saves, but it is only adding text to the URL. Once that page closes or reloads, the RESTORE command returns 'Restore failed.'

When saving a game, you need to copy the URL after you enter the SAVE command, paste it into a text file and save it for later, then paste that URL into your browser when you wish to resume play.


You could also install an interpreter to play a Z game after downloading it.

If using a Windows PC or an iPhone, you can install FROTZ to play Z games.

If using *Nix machine, you can install GARGOYLE.

On Android, you can install TEXT FICTION.

thank you so much Richard Headkid i follow your giving instruction to save game in zork your thread is amazing and my issue is now solved thanks

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