How to you export a quest project into a .qsp so it can be played on quest soft player?

Basically, the title. How do you take a .quest file and turn it into a .qsp file. Or are they two entirely incompatible file types like a .gif and .jpg? I've played quest games in .qsp format before on the soft player, but am I just an idiot in assuming a .quest file is basically the same thing? I like to release my games on many different sites like and, but Quest games don't really work unless i include an installer for Quest, and most folks aren't gonna trust a rando download from a stranger on the internet when it has nothing directly apparent to do with the game they've already downloaded.

TLDR: Is it possible to convert a .quest file into .qsp format and if so, how?

They're completely separate engines; just a coincidence in the names.

Damn... Ok... I've also noticed some folks use a "Start_Game.bat" file to run quest games. Any clue how to set that up? or does that not work either for a quest game?

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