CSS - Multiple Background Image Help

Hello! I'm at my wits end trying to figure out a simple problem. So I'm sorry if I missed the obvious solution.

I'm trying to stack two background images atop each other within the body of the CSS. Then, I apply a background blend mode. (background-blend-mode: lighten; for example)

I can do all of this within the CSS of a webpage. But I can't wrap my head around the strange format Quest nests the Javascript/CSS in messages. In CSS, it would look something like...

background-image: url(quest://local/forest.png),url(quest://local/fog.png)
background-blend-mode: lighten;

But I just can't figure out how to properly set it when I have to format it the Quest way... like so:

JS.eval("$('body').css({backgroundImage: 'url(\'"+ GetFileURL("forest.png") +"\')'});")
JS.eval ("$('body').css({backgroundRepeat: 'repeat-y', backgroundAttachment: 'fixed', backgroundSize: '100%'});")

How can I append the "fog.png" so that it will be paired with "forest.png"? And how can I append the background-blend-mode?

Thank you to any kind Samaritan who offers to help my dumb butt!

background-image: url(quest://local/forest.png),url(quest://local/fog.png)
background-blend-mode: lighten;

I'm not familiar with that part of CSS; but to wrap that up in jQuery, I think it would look like:

JS.eval("$('body').css({backgroundImage: 'url(\\'" + GetFileURL("forest.png") + "\\'),url(\\'" + GetFileURL("fog.png") + "\\')', backgroundBlendMode: 'lighten'})")

It works! I was up to 3:00 AM until I found that out. That doesn't mean I super-appreciate your answer and comment! If I didn't get lucky, that answer would've been like a sweet embrace from God himself. And now anyone else who has the same question has their answer now too! And hopefully will never have to suffer this headache again.

Thank you!

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