Act IF a player talks to another player

*** Sussed it - use verbs for that scenario, include all possible verbs to get there and set outcome in script ***

Hi - just trying to figure out a few things as a new user of this (excellent!) software. I have sussed most things quite clearly and already getting into some simple scripts. However, slightly stuck here.

My use case is, if the player speaks to x character, take action (in this case, end the game as his conversation leads to his demise!)

Cant quite figure out how to invoke the end game on the input of the verb talk to / speak to etc.

Any help much appreciated.

Just add:


to wherever you want the game to end. A "Game Over" message will be displayed in the right-side pane.

Or do:

request (Quit, "")

to end the game immediately.

Cheers decoder - had the finish bit but cracked the other bit witb verbs on the object I needed. Thanks for reply tho.

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