Game lags online

My game lags badly online. My two favourite parts cause the game to freeze. Is it fixable? Is it my game or my computer? Is it something to do with the servers or the engine itself?
What can I do?

Well, it is a little bit better, now. Maybe, it was just my connection and the amount of script.

Its not really you Jennifer, I believe this site is well overdue for not just general maintenance but also some badly needed TLC. No disrespect to the current owners but I just get the sense their heart isn't in it anymore.


Thanks. I hope they get some encouragement towards upgrading everything to take more and work more perfectly, or maybe, also, some new people to help with the possibly extensive work.
Luckily, my game does work without freezing, at least some of the time. I shortened a small amount of the script, too.

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