Getting a converation menu to change to another from each of its options?

So from my last question I learned how to code conversations with a menu of topic options. But now I want to make it so if you select a topic option it will bring you to another menu of options. But I'm not sure how to code that. All I got so far it whats shown in this documentation under
SPEAK TO and a menu of responses

Hi, Did you have a look at the conversations library as well.
It details how to do what you are requesting.

Thanks but at the top of the page its says that that information doesn't work on the online editor which I'm using, so I still need help

Try this idea...
Talk 1: option1, option2, option3
If option1: option4, option5, option6
if option2: option 5, option7, option8
if option3: option1, option 6, option9

Basically, How ever you set-up your conversations, clear the list, and add the next branch... and so on...
For a good conversation tree, you need to see the entire tree...

Maybe you could use a menu. And then use DarkLizerd's idea for more options:
Example coding for a menu;

menulist = NewStringList()
      list add (menulist, "first entry")
      list add (menulist, "second entry")
      list add (menulist, "third entry")
      ShowMenu ("please choose now", menulist, true) {
        msg ("--" + result + "--")
        if (result<>null) {
           msg ("You have chosen the " + result)
        else {
           msg ("You have chosen to press cancel")
options = Split("Red;Green;Blue;Yellow", ";")
ShowMenu ("What is your favourite colour?", options, false) {
  switch (result) {
    case ("Red") {
      msg ("You must be very passionate. Or like a teamthat play in red.")
    case ("Yellow") {
      msg ("What a bright, cheerful colour!.")
    case ("Green", "Blue") {
      msg (result + "? Seriously?")

This is the documentation page that tells you more about the function:

Also, have a look at this page;

You could also set up something like this....

ShowMenu ("", npcnamehere.ConversationMenu, true) {
switch (result) {
case ("Talk about Big Butts") {
list remove (npcnamehere.ConversationMenu, "Talk about Big Butts")
list add (npcnamehere.ConversationMenu, "How big are these butts were talking about?")


look into using List and Dictionary Attributes:

and for advanced code design:

probably/maybe, using a tree and iterator (and, depends on game feature system/design), recursion), would be best?

(I'd love coding experts, pixie/mrangel/pertex, on what would be a good/great/best conversation/dialogue/options/etc code system/design)

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