We have a problem regarding our Quest game (the Web version).

We can't edit the game anymore. The page is loading for a long time...

Do we have to start again from scratch?

How can we avoid that? This is a joint work for the University.

Thank you for your help!

I am having this problem too

This happens occasionally if the server is overloaded. Usually it goes away if you wait a few minutes and try again, or restart your browser.

It may also be worth checking your browser plugins. There was someone on here a year ago with a similar issue, and it turned out to be that their adblocker was messing with the site's javascript. I've had something like that on another site with an 'internet optimiser' utility.

There was also a problem that would make games fail to load in the online editor if the debugger was enabled; but I'm pretty sure that was fixed.

EDIT: Looks like the site admin needs to turn it off and on again. It will probably be done some time today.

Thank you for your prompt answer. Now it works again.

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