Any way to generate a map ?

I'm making a large desert and it's quite a pain, perhaps i should use PAINT so i don't get lost with my exists since most areas of my desert are similar description... lol ;o Is there any way to generate rooms that tie together? Otherwise its cool I hope i dont make the desert too big lol


One sneaky thing you can do is have only a SINGLE room, and give it the attribute X and the attribute Y, both integers.

So basically that one room turns into a grid. When you click the exit to go 'east', you don't actually go east. Instead you have the exit run a script - that's an option you have, by clicking on it - to increase the room's X by 1, clear the room, and print out a new description based on the current X and Y.

You can have stuff like "If I'm in X=5 and Y=3, make the Oasis object here visible to signify I've arrived in an Oasis. Otherwise make it invisible to signify I've left the Oasis."

lo that's what i was planning to make a space sim adventure actually, didn't think about that for my desert map good idea thanks!

lots of really cool stuff you can do via using this nifty trick of creating "x" and "y" (optional vertical/3D: and "z") coordination Integer Attributes for each/all of your Room Objects, which is doing 'grid' programming, as this allows you do use math/arithmetic with the rooms coordinates (such an application is "pathfinding" coding: such as moving a monster towards you every turn)

for example, lets say you got a 10x10 square design of 100 rooms

you're in room: (0,0)
monster is in room: (10,10)

and we got scripting that does this:

<object name="player">

  <attr name="changedparent" type="script">


    x = monster.parent.x_coordinate_integer_attribute
    y = monster.parent.y_coordinate_integer_attribute

    if (monster.parent.x_coordinate_integer_attribute > player.parent.x_coordinate_integer_attribute) {
      x = x - 1
    } else if (monster.parent.x_coordinate_integer_attribute < player.parent.x_coordinate_integer_attribute) {
      x = x + 1

    if (monster.parent.y_coordinate_integer_attribute > player.parent.y_coordinate_integer_attribute) {
      y = y - 1
    } else if (monster.parent.y_coordinate_integer_attribute < player.parent.y_coordinate_integer_attribute) {
      y = y + 1

    foreach (room, room_objectlist_attribute) {
      if (room.x_coordinate_integer_attribute = x and room.y_coordinate_integer_attribute = y) {
        monster.parent = room

    if (player.parent = monster.parent) {
      // do fight/combat scripting (too lazy/tired to code in an example of it)




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