a silly question

Is it possible to create an online game with quest? I have created an open world-ish game not long ago and i want to make it like MUDs

I'm not positive, just started myself, but I remembering reading you can publish it online somehow. I'm hoping so, that's my plan when I'm done!

Yeah i know that, what i mean is to make one where players can interact with each other. but thanks for answering! I appreciate it

Ohh I see, that is a brilliant idea! Quest would need to be able to access some sort of shared database, not sure if it has that capability?

Multiplayer game. Yes. It is a chore with server and all

yes, it's possible (this has come up quite a few times, obviously), but you got to know networking, quest and its engine/internal programming, and etc programming, easier, would be making a turn based game (switching to next player after one player finishes his/her turn), than in trying to have it all be synchronized/playing-at-same-time (really knowing/expert in/as networking programming and/or also knowing/expert in/at Assembly/Low-Level programming, lol), no one has done it yet... though

more simply, you can just publish a game (if you have to play via online), that has programming functionality to change the 'game.pov' (see link below): such as using a Command, that the person currently playing can use to switch over to their Player Character, and using a friend-honor system, taking turns, saving the game, and setting up who's turn it is next, with them switching control over to their Player Object, and not messing with controlling your Player Object)


if you need help on how the 'game.pov' works, just ask

Sounds cool... I would bet it would beyond that Quest was meant for...
But then again... only by trying can you find out what you, or Quest, can do.
I've got a few in the works that is "a little different" myself.
Not to say "go take your idea elsewhere", but here is a source for MUD software...
One question, (I know you are only at the idea stage now, but...)
How do you plan on running this???
All players log in at the same time and play as a party, like a table-top game of DnD???
What happens when someone leaves the game/party??? Would they just "freeze" in place until they come back?
Or would it be more like:
log-in, play for (say) 20 turns, then their "day" is over, and come back tomorrow and play for another 20 turns?
Back in the EARLY "internet" days when you would call up a BBS and play "on-line" games that way, it would be more of the "play 20 turns" then come back later to play again...
I haven't checked into what it would take to make a MUD, but it could be "fun" to find out...
BUT, where would you host it???

Found a Visual Basic MUD...
I know and understand VB...
I'll see what I can come up with...
Nope... A PRE-working version... and I'm lost on it!
I could make one that ran on a single PC, with everyone playing from that...
But nothing over a network, want to, but haven't had several PCs on a network to try it.

looked pretty good...

So long as quest can run javascript, you can utilize that to make to web service calls. You would need to handle all that outside of Quest.. set your webservices, databases, etc.. . I think it's very possible and would be very interesting. And you could utilize timers to refresh the client and look for updates.

One way...
Make a game with several "players" and have it cycle between players.
AND, set-up a chat session with everyone playing.
Then, when player 1 finishes and the game moves to player 2, player 1 saves the game and tells player 2 that he's up...
He plays the save game, then saves when he is done and tells player 3 that it's his turn...
and so on...

Like I said, one way, but defiantly NOT the best way, or even a fair way...
(Wait, that's golf...)

Wow, okay that idea is better (local multiplayer in one pc). I don't know any about networking so i will try what you guys suggested instead. Thanks!

Actually you can with quest. But I do not think THIS version supports it. There was an older version of Quest that allowed you to host your own quest script. this would be perfect for creating a simple MUD environment. Looks like with 5 the removed that.

If that's the case, i hope the devs will implement that in future updates

when I get home... I'll see what version that was. I think it was 4.5xx not sure.

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