Is ConvLib.aslx still working?

Hi all,

I've tried to load the conversation library "ConvLib.aslx" on Quest 5.71, but it doesn't work and it corrupts my game (I had to edit it in codeview to restore it).

Thank you

I just made a game with it last week with no issues.

What error(s) did you get?

..and how did you load it?

I get a pop up that says: "Failed to load game due to the following error: invalid XML: for security reason the DTD is non allowed in this XML document ..." (I traslate the message from italian)

I load the library choosing "advanced/included library" from the tree. There, I click on ADD e then on BROWSE.

Thank you for the answer

This is just a guess, but try opening ConvLib.aslx in a text editor and deleting the first line:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

I think that's the only thing in the file that references (or concerns) DTD.

Hi K.V.
opening the library in a tex editor, I noticed the Conv.Lib.aslx I downloaded from here (right click and save) seems a bit different from the same found at this page (and ConvDemo.aslx, too). The second one works! Maybe it's just my inexperience.

Thank again for support

I read in convlib's documentation: "if you set a topic to be hidden, and later set it to be displayed, the hidden will take priority, and it will stay hidden"

So, there is no way to get topic appears again after being hidden?

Here's my problem: I have three main topics, each with two sub-topics. If player choose wrong sub-topic, conversation have to restart from another main topic. But in the while I have hidden main topics to avoid they appear next to sub-topics. So, when I try to put again main topics in "follow-on topics" - using before the "ShowTopic(topic)" function -, nothing happens.

Thank you

Could you post the script?

Actually you can. Just set the "hidden" attribute to false, and the "display" to true.

Thanks! I will try this evening.

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