Detect image size

I'm writing a function that I'd like to call whenever I plan to display an image instead of using the built in one, to give me a little more control over how images display. I found Pixie's very excellent tutorial on the subject and see lots of neat options.

Is there any way to set a pair of variables to equal the height and width of an image using a variable that contains the filename of the image? So that I can (for instance) decide on whether I want text to wrap around an image based on whether its width leaves enough space or not.

You would have to get the size in JavaScript (which I would guess is possible), and then use a ASLEvent call from JavaScript to get the size into Quest. So it is probably doable, but would be pretty complicated.

So I went away and learned the javascript to do that and was just getting in to working out how to get java to talk to quest (and since one way communication is easier whether there was a way to do what I wanted in javascript directly rather than trying to get info to quest) and then realised that I didn't need to know after all.

Oh well. I guess time spent learning things is never wasted.

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