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Hi Folks

I've been building a game on the Web Editor as I have a mac so can't use the desktop version. Sometimes find it laggy so I started hunting the forums to see if that would happen when I downloaded my game... Then I figured I'd just try downloading it and see what happens as I ultimately want to try and sell a game via my website.

I only get 1 file when I download which doesn't execute or do anything on my mac. Just one solitary file which led me to do more hunting.

Am I going wrong soemwhere or does the Web Editor not output a game that I can take as a package and sell via my website eventually?

Thanks for any help. Jsut want to avoid building a complete game if it can't be taken offline and ultimately sold somewhere and or even played offline by others I choose to give it to wihtout it being hosted on this site forever.


From the web editor, you can download the .aslx file (for editing with the offline editor), or the .quest file (for playing with the desktop version of Quest). If you want to distribute the game you should provide the .quest file and tell people they will need Quest to play it; although I know there's at least a couple of people distributing their games as a ZIP containing both Quest and the game itself.

There was a project called QuestJS which would have converted a Quest game to a website, but it didn't support all the features of Quest. However, the people behind it now seem to have given up. I'm planning to "some day" port Quest to other platforms, but this will require completely rewriting the engine, and so is likely to be a long time coming.

Thanks for that quick and helpful reply mrangel. Much appreciated.

Is it possible for me to ge the necessary files and run the game online via my own website then, perhaps within a members only area? Just trying to stick with quest as my authoring tool for this game as I really like the system. If there is soem way I can do that and achieve the aim of making my game avaiable to customers, that would be ideal.

Again thanks for your help with it. Regardless of whether or not possible, I am enjoying quest for what it is and having much fun with being cunning creating puzzles again 😂

NB I dont see the option (from the web editor) to download a .quest file - I Just hit download and downloads the zip with the .aslx file within - am I missing something there too? Cheers again.

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I dont see the option (from the web editor) to download a .quest file

After you publish the game, there's a "download" button as well as play on the game's listing.
You can publish a game privately, so it doesn't appear in the listings on the front of the site. To Quest, "publish" means combining the ASLX file with its libraries to produce a file suitable for the player.

Is it possible for me to ge the necessary files and run the game online via my own website then

I believe so, but the process isn't well documented. I haven't tried it because I don't have a Windows server available. However, the whole project is open source and it looks like the source package includes everything - both the desktop player/editor and the code behind this website.

Ahh I see, thanks for that. I'd just hit the download button which obviously only saves the aslx file but I didn't appreciate that the publish option has the same type of option. Thanks again for the clarity here. 👍

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