Why is every place on this site, including the games themselves, giving a warning of "Not Secure"?

The forums do this. The games do this. I am certain if I tried to download the newest version of the editor, either that would say it was not secure or there would be no certificate. I understand the latter of no certificate. But why are even the forums not secure?

If I had to guess, it's because this is an older website from the era before Google started blackmailing people into getting SSLs. Further, it might be a money concern because those things aren't always free.

Because you're accessing the not secure version of the site, which exists for the benefit of people using crippled browsers.

The URL should start with https://. If you don't have an 's' for secure, then you are requesting the insecure version of the site.

If you followed a link here from somewhere else, ask them to fix the link. If you bookmarked the insecure version, change your bookmark.

(this is different from a lot of sites nowadays that will automatically move you over to the encrypted version. Maybe there are still people out there using browsers without SSL support? I know there's an encryption-free version of Chrome available because US companies have been ordered by their government not to supply software capable of strong encryption to people in certain blacklisted countries; but somehow I doubt if anyone actually obeys that ruling)

I just type "Quest Text Adventure" and this is the first choice that pops up and the way it looks from the outside would appear to be the official site. I can go to other forums and they do not give me the same kind of warning, while using the same kind of browser.

So all I need to do is type the address and add an extra "s" in it? Right now this is what the website looks like from the address bar, although I did not include all the extra after the "uk" part "http://textadventures.co.uk/"

Edit: Ok. So I added the "s" to the http part and it no longer shows that warning. But when I try to play a game, the same thing occurs, it goes to an insecure area. Is it my browser or the games? Am I suppose to do this every time I use this site? Other sites are not forcing me to do the same.

If you're asking google for the link, it will probably take you to the one you've visited before, which is kind of useful sometimes, but is annoying here.

The thing with the games, I would say that's a bug. You can edit the URL to move back to https; but it seems that the game listing page explicitly links to http://media.textadvantures.co.uk (for Quest games) or http://play2.textadventures.co.uk (for Quest games).

The site admin needs to fix this. Links should start with //play2.textadventures.co.uk/whatever.

And yes, most sites now force https. This may mean that they're inaccessible to the very small minority with non-SSL browsers, and people on some badly-behaved public wifi hotspots, but it looks nicer to the majority of us.

I think the insecure http version should still be there, as it has its uses. But the site really should implement HSTS properly, so that users will be automatically redirected to the https version except for the tiny minority who can't.

Does the site admin(s) ever read these forums?

I'd also like to point out, that it is not so much me searching for Quest, but that when I click on "help" while using Quest it automatically brings me to the unsecured portion. It would be great to get that fixed if it is a server/admin issue. I am not sure how many other people are affected by this as well. Thank you.

Sounds like a very desirable fix. Has anyone tried raising an issue at: https://github.com/textadventures/quest/issues or perhaps more generally reporting it through 'contact us' on the main page?

No I had not thought of that. I assumed they would frequent the forums. The original creator did at least anyway. Or I would of hoped a moderator would of seen it and passed the info along. I am not sure about the Github part, but I will do the "contact" one on the Quest website itself, if someone else has not already. Actually I will do it regardless, it wouldn't hurt. Someone else who uses Github more often, could possibly do the other one.

And I could also pass along the idea of making the Quest game maker compatible on Steam and as a cell phone app as well, in a separate correspondence to them. It would definitely get more people interested and using it.

Sorry for the delay, but it has been sent. I will let you know if I hear anything back.

Sorry, initially thought this issue had been resolved! Ignore me!!

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