Text adventure within a text adventure?

Hey, kinda new to Quest. I'm working on a game where the player starts out in the "real world" but can go to a computer and play a text adventure within the game (this is where the bulk of the gameplay will take place). I'm wondering what the best way to do this is. They don't need to be able to get back to the "real world" necessarily . It may be as simple as teleporting the player to a new location, but I'm not even sure how to do that, much less anything more nuanced like initiated an actual separate game.

Also note that, as I'm not strictly a programmer, I'd prefer solutions that work within the general framework of quest without having to noodle around in the code, but I suppose I'm open to ideas.


Moving the player is really all you need to do. I would also change the visuals, such as font, colour, background to make clear the difference.

You might want to set a flag on the player to note when in the game. You could create an "exit" command so the player can leave the game at any time, but have it check the flag to see if the player is actually in the game. If so, turn the flag off, and move the player back. I guess you could even save the current location in an attribute too, so when the player goes back in the game, he will be at the same place.

It might be worth changing the POV character. Have a separate set of locations and a separate player object for the game, so that you just do ChangePOV (character name) to go in or out of the game rather than teleporting. Means you don't have to worry about the inventory, as each player object has their own.

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