Desktop Quest on a Thumb Drive?

Is there a way (an easy way) to run the desktop version of Quest from a thumb drive?

I cannot install software on my work computer, but I can run IT-approved programs like Notepad++ from a thumb drive. I am blessed with lots of free time and I want to use it productively, writing gamebooks. I face a lot of lag with the online editor and I really like the look and feel and functionality of the desktop version of Quest.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

When I tried this, I could select a folder in a thumb drive for Quest to install to, and that worked. But Quest will create a folder called "Quest Games" in the PC's documents folder each time you edit a game, no matter what you do.

Also, if dotnet40 isn't installed on the computer, Quest will install it automatically during the install.

NOTE: There may be something I'm missing. These are just the issues I ran into, and I couldn't find a fix without altering Quest's source code and building it myself in Visual Studio.

...and it acted still a little crazy when it came to saving files somewhere other than Documents\Quest Games, even when I got it halfway working. It also looks there by default when loading stuff, and this caused more problems than anything else.

It sounds like I should install Quest to a thumb drive from my home comp and then see if it runs from the thumb on my work comp. I'll give it a go tomorrow and see what happens.

Thanks very much for trying to help! You guys are always so responsive and helpful - thanks for that!

If your work PC has dotnet40 installed on it, I think that should work.

Keep us updated, please, ma'am!

not sure if you make the thumb/flash drive (bootable and/or) able to run executables, if it'll work with quest executable/program/software or not... way beyond my programming abilities... lol

(probably easiest would be to just ask your company/job IT department if you can get quest installed lol... but the answer might be no... not sure how safe/secure quest program/software is from being used by people to hack your-computer-or-company-job-computer and/or the company-job-network or not)

You should be able to edit your ideas and save them on the thumb drive, then update it at home on your PC to see if you got it right...
I've checked (tried) but Quest will not run from a thumb drive...

Quest runs from a USB drive for me on my laptop and my 2-n-1 tablet thingy (both are Windows 10). It just insists on saving everything to Documents\Quest Games, and the machine has to have the dependencies installed already. (I believe dotnet40 is really all that is required, and its existence means that all other dependencies surely exist already.)

NOTE: If you want it to work on a 32 bit machine, you normally can't install with a 64 bit machine, but I don't know if this is true concerning Quest since Quest is x86. And the Windows user settings surely effect things, too.

I would also like an easy way of doing this.
I haven't had the time to test anything yet.
(@pixie. Maybe a topic for the next release? 😀)

But I don't understand what you are saying about saving to documrnys\quest games.
I save somewhere else.
And it works fine.
The only problem is that the save-as dialog acts a bit strange.
But it is definitely possible.

When I create or edit a game, Quest automatically saves a folder and the game file in "Documents\Quest Games".

When I save a game during play, Windows asks me where I'd like to save it. This part works fine.

I haven't had the time to test anything yet.

I just now noticed this bit. Not to be unpleasant, but if you haven't tested it, how can you say this?

But I don't understand what you are saying about saving to documrnys\quest games.
I save somewhere else.
And it works fine.
The only problem is that the save-as dialog acts a bit strange.
But it is definitely possible.

I remember doing this on more than one occasion, but I'm about to do it again, just to be sure I wasn't dreaming. (I do have an active imagination.)

I shall return with either bad news or screenshots and such.

Quest is installed in one computer, but not the other.

In the computer WITH Quest installed, I copy the Quest 5 directory from my Program Files(x86) folder


I paste the Quest 5 director to my USB stick.


To be continued on the other computer...

Part II

Quest is not installed in this (the other) computer:


I loaded my USB stick.


I opened the folder.


I ran Quest.


I created a test game.


As soon as I did this ran Quest, the "Quest Games" directory was created in my Documents folder.


The game works.



This works for me on my computers, but that does not mean it will work everywhere.

...but it is definitely possible.

Actually the 'Quest Games' directory is created at the time you run Quest. It doesn't matter if you create a game or not.

Thank you. The post has been corrected.

This might be something to ask for in the next version of Quest. Instead of hard coding the 'Quest Games' directory, perhaps a prompt could be shown with 'Documents/Quest Games' as the default but allow it to be changed by the user. Then these could be fully contained on the USB drive.

Copying the whole folder sounds like a brilliant idea!!!

I made the mistake of saying that I had free time... and have since been swamped with work! Also not a bad thing. So, when I eventually get the chance, I will try this clever approach.

Thank you all so much for your helpfulness and collaboration - you really are the best humans around!

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