The big title

Newbie to Quest.

Is it possible to put the game's big default title back up after I run a script to clear the screen? How would I do this? (Explain it to me like I'm five?)

Thank you!!! :)

You mean the title that appears at the start of the game?

The code that generates that title is:

      JS.StartOutputSection ("title")
      PrintCentered ("<span style=\"font-size:260%\">" + game.gamename + "</span>")
      if (game.subtitle <> null) {
        if (LengthOf(game.subtitle) > 0) {
          PrintCentered ("<span style=\"font-size:130%\">" + game.subtitle + "</span>")
      if ( <> null) {
        if (LengthOf( > 0) {
          PrintCentered ("<br/><span style=\"font-size:140%\">[By] " + + "</span>")
      msg ("<div style=\"margin-top:20px\"></div>")
      JS.EndOutputSection ("title")

I think inserting that code wherever you want it will make a title that looks pretty much the same.

@mrangel YES that's the sucker thank you!!!!!

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