Margin image?

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I'm trying to have one single image cover the entire background of my game, including the margins - however, even while I can change the opacity of the page color, I can't seem to remove the flat-color option for the margins. I had envisioned my workaround could be having an image for the margins and then setting the page color to 0% opacity so the margin image could seep through, but I'm not sure if that would work. How can I get rid of the margin color default? Is there a better way to do this? For context, I want my whole game to appear on a static image of college-ruled paper.

I'm using the browser editor as I don't have a Windows computer. I hope this is possible to do without being able to edit the base code.

Excellent info! Thank you. That is what I was going to try. Glad to know my thinking is not faulty. Now I'm having a different problem that seems related and is basically the same problem, but I haven't been lucky enough to figure out the solution. wuxiaworld

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The margins are just the document body; they are the only part which is not covered by the background color or image of the gameBorder element. So if you have a background image included in your game, you could do something like:

JS.eval("$('body').css({backgroundImage: 'url(\\'"+ GetFileURL("filename.png") +"\\')'});")
JS.eval("$('#gameBorder').css({backgroundColor: 'transparent'});")

You'd put this in the UI Initialisation script, so that the change is made both when starting a new game, and when loading a saved game.

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