How Adult Can an Uploaded Game Be?

I made a fantasy choose your own adventure game with some horrific game endings that are pretty nasty, and a couple of possible romance options with brief but somewhat descriptive sex scenes. It also has a good bit of gore, though much of it is humorous over the top stuff. Game was designed to immerse anyone of any sex or sexuality into a fantasy world with lots of choices and story paths.
My family and friends that played it really liked it so i was thinking of uploading it, but due to how graphic a couple of bad endings are (think crazy hentai anime where orcs capture your character type thing) I don't know if it is okay to upload.

I was wondering if I can post it.
It has been played by several people and not one got to any of the really nasty stuff aside from one player getting a brief sex scene, so its not like there is a lot of sexual content. The more adult stuff is meant to be a bit shocking though.

Not my cup of tea, but I assume as long as it is CLEARLY defined in the description and placed in the adult category, you can upload it...

And of course nothing illegal/unlawful, but this should be given/understood already...

though, you should get the official word from Alex or who-ever(s) is taking over ownership of quest, of course.

Thanks for the answers guys. I'd ask the Quest owner if I could find how to contact him. I'll look again and if i can't find it I'll just try to post it with clear warnings of the content.

95% or more of the game is not in any way nasty in an sexual way, though there is a decent amount of gory parts, but one or two of the sexually explicit parts are pretty explicit and WTF worthy.

Its mostly just a fantasy world story with monsters, elves, magic, and giants and such.

Unicron9, if you received any reply or guidance from The Powers That Be, I am very interested in how they answer.

Why? Because I have this secret (until now) interest in games with content most would consider pornographic. In short, I like to write pron. well-written, interesting pron, but pron nevertheless. Naturally, I want the result in adults-only content areas, I definitely don't want it polluting young, impressionable minds, or running afoul of US/UK laws. However, if the site has additional restrictions, I want to know about them in advance.

If clearly identified as such, I don't think there is a limit...
(until someone crosses one...)
Altho, all adult sites do have "do not do" list...
mainly anything that would be illegal...

My game is an adult game. I think as long as the "porn and gore" isn't romanticized...and there is a warning on the game about the adult content, it should be fine...But yeah, you might want to contact Pixie or Jay about it as they will be taking over Quest here shortly, if they haven't fully done so already.

Also, I imagine anything illegal like underage sex and those kinds of taboos probably couldn't be in your game either.


Jay and I are taking over Quest, but not this web site; you would need to talk to Luis Felipe Morales, who posts as "manowar" I think. I would otherwise agree. Give a warning about what to expect, avoid underage sex and bestiality, and you should be okay. Take a look at what is on there already.

I don't think there's anything in law that protects children from erotic writing. I've certainly never seen certification on novels like you do films etc. So unless you're including graphic images (which may be a problematic area the site doesn't want to deal with) putting it in the adult section is over and above what happens anywhere else.


This is a difficult topic. The site accepts games for Adults, pornographic or erotic, this is as before. At the moment there would be no problem with the game provided that in its description is effectively included a message clarifying the type of content it hides and as they have said do not incorporate anything illegal.

This last point we expect to respect 100% we have had problems recently for games containing child pornography, not in images but in the text of game and deleted both the user's account and games. We will not allow this kind of thing because we do not want this site to become a transit for those kind people. In the same way we will act with any content that goes out of legality. It should be noted that although adult content is protected by the activation of the date of birth this is not a problem for someone who wants to skip it and could access it ... if that person is a minor, it can lead to problems.

It is possible that the Adult section changes in the future or the way to access it but for now that is what I can tell you. Adult Games yes, but please, with respect and legality.

Unicron if you like contact, use the Contact form at the bottom of the web, thanks!

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