Annoying Error I can't seem to fix:

Update: It, for seemingly no reason, fixed itself.

Failed to load game due to following errors:
*Error:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I've come across this error before so I either created an object and then set the object variable to it as the default value, or simply changed the variable to a string that holds the name of the object. When I search for object types I get these:

<type name="weapon">
    <inherit name="editor_object" />
    <parent type="object">monsterattacks</parent>

<type name="character">
   <inherit name="access_skills" />  
   <weapon type="object">attack_bite</weapon>

<function name="Somefunction" parameters="x,y,z" type="object"><![CDATA[
       return (object_variable)

<object name="monsterattacks">
    <inherit name="editor_room" />
    <object name="attack_bite">
      <inherit name="editor_object" />

I am willing to post the entire code if necessary but I cannot do it here as it is too long. I have poked and prodded this code for a few hours and am completely stumped.

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