Credit roll

I finally figured out how to switch to a credit roll without depending on an external site.

(It could probably be improved.)

<!--Saved by Quest 5.7.6404.15496-->
<asl version="550">
  <include ref="English.aslx" />
  <include ref="Core.aslx" />
  <game name="Pixie's Quest (credits tester)">
    <start type="script">
      JS.eval ("var scrollToEndBak = scrollToEnd;")
  <object name="room">
    <inherit name="editor_room" />
    <object name="player">
      <inherit name="editor_object" />
      <inherit name="editor_player" />
    <exit alias="watch the credits" to="creditsroom">
      <runscript />
      <script type="script"><![CDATA[
        JS.eval ("function scrollToEnd() {var scrollTo = _animateScroll ? beginningOfCurrentTurnScrollPosition - 50 - $('#gamePanelSpacer').height() : $(document).height();var currentScrollTop = Math.max($('body').scrollTop(), $('html').scrollTop());if (scrollTo > currentScrollTop) {var maxScrollTop = $(document).height() - $(window).height();if (scrollTo > maxScrollTop) scrollTo = maxScrollTop;var distance = scrollTo - currentScrollTop;var duration = _animateScroll ? distance / 0.4 : 1;if (duration>2000) duration=2000;        $('body,html').stop().animate({ scrollTop: scrollTo }, duration, 'easeInOutCubic');    }$('html,body').animate({ scrollTop: document.body.scrollHeight }, 50000);};")
        MoveObject (player, creditsroom)
  <object name="creditsroom">
    <inherit name="editor_room" />
    <description><![CDATA[<style>#credits-div @@@[email protected]@@display:none;  margin: 0;  padding: 0;  box-sizing: border-box;  @@@[email protected]@@.wrapper @@@[email protected]@@  position: absolute;top:50%;  left: 50%;  width: 400px;  margin-left: -200px;  font: 300 30px/1 Rockwell, sans-serif;  text-align: center;  text-transform: uppercase;  color: #white;  text-shadow:0 0 8px #269261;  animation: 60s credits linear infinite;@@@[email protected] @@@[email protected]@@  margin-bottom: 50px;  font-size: 50px;@@@[email protected]@@.job @@@[email protected]@@  margin-bottom: 5px;  font-size: 18px;@@@[email protected] @@@[email protected]@@  margin-bottom: 50px;  font-size: 35px;@@@[email protected]@@@keyframes credits @@@[email protected]@@    0% @@@[email protected]@@ top:  100%; @@@[email protected]@@  100% @@@[email protected]@@ top: -500%; @@@[email protected]@@@@@[email protected]@@</style><div id="credits-div" onclick="uiShow('#gameBorder');$('#credits-div').hide();scrollToEnd = scrollToEndBak;"><div class="wrapper"><div class="movie" > Pixie's Quest</div><br/><br/>  <br/>  <div class="job"> directed by</div><br/>  <br><br/>  <div class="name"> David Agnew</div><br/>  <br><br><br/>  <br/>  <div class="job"> produced by</div><br/>  <br><br/>  <div class="name"> The Quest Forum</div><br/>  <br><br><br/>  <br/>  <div class="job"> screenplay by</div><br/>  <br><br/>  <div class="name"> The Quest Forum</div><br/>  <br><br><br/>  <br/>  <div class="job"> director of photography</div><br/>  <br><br/>  <div class="name"> DarkLizerd</div><br/>  <br/>  <br><br><br/>  <div class="job"> story</div><br/>  <br><br/>  <div class="name"> David Agnew</div><br/>  <br><br><br><br/>  <br/>  <div class="job"> featuring the textual likenesses of:</div><br><br><br/>  <div class="name"> DarkLizerd</div><br><br/>  <div class="name"> XanMag</div><br><br/>    <div class="name"> Hegemonkhan</div><br><br/>  <div class="name"> Richard Headkid and KV</div><br><br><br><br/><br/>  <br/>  <div class="job"> and starring:</div><br><br><br/>  <div class="name"><h2> THE PIXIE</h2></div><br><br><br><br/>  <br/>  <div class="job"> visual effects supervisor</div><br><br/>  <div class="name"> XanMag</div><br><br><br/>  <div class="job"> executive producer</div><br><br/>  <div class="name"> Richard Headkid</div><br><br><br/>    <div class="job"> stunt coordinator</div><br><br/>  <div class="name"> hegemonkhan</div><br><br><br/>  <div class="job"> original music</div><br><br/>  <div class="name"> XanMag</div><br><br><br/>  <div class="job"> cast supervisor</div><br><br/>  <div class="name"> The Pix</div><br><br><br/>  <div class="job"> coded by</div><br><br/>  <div class="name"> The Quest Forum</div><br><br><br/>    <div class="name"> featuring:</div><br><br/>  <div class="name"> A child of bastet</div><br><br><br/>    <div class="job"> Special Guest Appearance by</div><br><br/>  <div class="name"> Alex Warren</div><br><br><br/>  <div class="job">Special Thanks:</div><br><br/>  <div class="name"> douglas&nbsp;adams<br>steve&nbsp;meretzky<br>andy&nbsp;joel<br>Doctor&nbsp;Agon<br>mrangel<br>pertex<br>jmnevil54<br>alex&nbsp;warren<br>hegemonkhan<br>anonynn<br>NecroDeath<br>jaynabonne<br>dcoder<br>Forgewright<br>the&nbsp;Wumpus<br>Reynard&nbsp;the&nbsp;Fox<br><br><br> and&nbsp;especially: <br><h3>THE PIXIE!</h3></div><br/>  <br><br><br><br/>  <br/>   <div class="job">HAVE YOU TRIED:</div><br><br><br/>   <div class="name"> dancing?</div><br><br/>   <div class="name"> taking xanmag's beer?</div><br><br/>   <div class="name"> taking darklizerd's papers?</div><br><br/>   <div class="name"> </div><br><br/>   <div class="name"> </div><br><br/>   <div class="name"> </div><br><br/>   <div class="name"> </div><br><br/>   <br><br><br><br><br><br>FRITTATA<br><br><br>69105<br><br><br>42<br><br><br><br><br><br<br><br><br/>  <br/>  <br/>  <br/></br<br></br<br></br<br><br><br><br/>  <div class="name"><h2><a style='color:blue;cursor:pointer;' src='' onclick="uiShow('#gameBorder');$('#credits-div').hide();$('#static-button').hide();scrollToEnd = scrollToEndBak;">RETURN TO THE GAME</a></h2></div><br><br><br><br><br></div><br/><br/><a id='static-button' style='color:blue;cursor:pointer;position:fixed;top:0;left:0;' src='' onclick="uiShow('#gameBorder');$('#credits-div').hide();scrollToEnd = scrollToEndBak;$(this).hide();">RETURN TO THE GAME</a><br/></div><br/><br/><script>$("#credits-div").insertBefore($("#dialog"));$("#static-button").insertBefore($("#credits-div")).show();uiHide("#gameBorder");$("#credits-div").show();</script><br/><br/>]]></description>
    <beforeenter type="script">
    <enter type="script">
      MoveObject (player, room)
      JS.eval ("$('.section"+game.lastoutputsection+"').hide();")

That is pretty cool. On my end it glitched a bit and at first jumped up a few lines and continued. Then it glitched and jumped back up to the beginning. Just an FYI, but...

your genius amazes me, good sir. Well done.

Thank yo_, and F_CK YO_. (Would you like to buy a vowel? Bwahahahaha!)

It jumps at the beginning...

Perhaps a fade animation would hide it...

Then, when playing online, it jumps back to the beginning just before the end. (This doesn't happen to me in the desktop version.)



No genius here, by the way (but thanks for saying so).

I'm here to chew bubble gum and copy and paste stuff, and I'm all out of bubble gum.

Could remove mouse control as well. The wheel wreaks havoc. It seems very slow but goes faster and faster till it's hard to finish reading the lines.
The effect is awesome. I will have to steal it at some point.

I did notice my name in there...I must be moral support.






the jiggly!

I feel sorry for those necks... talk about whip-lash...

(HK doesn't see any jigglying... no idea what KV is talking about, lol)

Yeah...Ima Dallas fan.

“Yeah...Ima Dallas fan.”


I knew there was something wrong with you.

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