Title picture changed [SOLVED]

Does anyone know why the title picture got changed on my Furby McQuack game? Not too big of an issue because I can change it back when I get home, but how would this have happened? I'm the only one with my account log-in info. I've seen this pic on other games before but can't recall which ones. Seems like a security issue unless it's a default pic that gets added on a glitch. It's a pic of what looks like two halves of a wooden mannequin. I viewed it on my mobile if that makes a difference. Let me know. Thanks.

Yup! I ran across this problem before. It got changed because in your game.object "cover art" you must have changed or removed the image, which must also be in the same area as your libraries. On the main quest page where you submit your game, if you update it without the cover art, it'll be blank. You could also leave it blank and just resubmit the picture each time as well if you want. I hope that helps! If you aren't the one who changed it, I'm not sure. But it might be because of a recent update you did?


Yep. That was it. Simple. Thanks!

Seems to me that the doll pic has become universal to all mystery games that had no specific cover art. All slice of life have a girl and clock face pic, etc. It seems all non cover art games have a default pic now.
I emailed Quest yesterday, but got no reply. This has happened to four of my games. I have altered nothing in any of them in the last few months. Seems I must add some cover art to these now, as leaving it as no file selected seems to trigger the default pic.
I also noticed some slight size alerationson the ones that had not changed( nothing serious)

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