Page links not working.

Making a gamebook, I'm having a problem with a page link not appearing.

The sound files are my way of including a waiting time between each line, because I have precisely 0 experience in HTML or this program. Just like writing, so don't be disrespectful please.

      msg ("What Stays Behind is an interactive text adventure game where your choices dictate the flow of the story.")
      play sound ("5-seconds-of-silence.mp3", true, false)
      msg ("<br/>Throughout the experience, you will asked to make decisions.")
      play sound ("2-seconds-and-500-milliseconds-of-silence.mp3", true, false)
      msg ("<br/>Every decision will have an impact.")
      play sound ("2-seconds-and-500-milliseconds-of-silence.mp3", true, false)
      msg ("<br/>Good luck.<br/>")
      AddPageLink (Page1, Page2, "Begin Chapter One : Before The Storm.")

Everything works well to a certain point, but the link refuses to appear. Why is this? The pages both exist as named, and it is from Page1 to Page2. I've got other files with links that are formatted in the exact same way and they appear fine (although none currently as they were changed and do not work as a result, so cannot compare).

Many thanks!

What is the last message that prints?

"Good luck." or "Throughout the experience, you will asked to make decisions." ?

If it doesn't print "Every decision will have an impact.", check your mp3's name, be sure it copied to your game folder, and make sure it plays in your audio player. If I misname my audio file, it hangs up because it's set to Wait for sound to finish before continuing.

I also just noticed this during testing:

  • Quest couldn't find the audio file when playing the game in the editor, so it froze.
  • I pressed stop, and fixed the problem in the code.
  • I pressed play, and Quest still froze at the same point (as if I hadn't fixed it).
  • I saved the game, closed Quest then opened it again. Everything worked fine.

What is the last message that prints?
"Good luck" prints. The audio is actually filler, it's silence because I'm awful at this whole thing and I don't know how to make delays between each message.

I've tried relaunching the app and nothing changes. I read somewhere that when you use the "clear the screen" function it messes up the entire save, so I tried with a whole new save and the same problem still arises.

My current workaround is to just include the links in the text section (gamebook), as they seem to work fine from there.

EDIT: would also like to add that, making a new file where the sole items are the "Add page link from ... to ..." function, the starting page, and the destination page, also fails to work at all. No errors.

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