Esperanto version questions

I'm looking at doing an Esperanto-language game. First, thanks for implementing it! English and Esperanto replies welcome.

There's a few tweaks I'd like to do though. It is possible to change some of the things are are automatically in the Esperanto version? I'd rather use "je" or maybe a colon instead of "na", and the opening screen says "by Strigulino" so that bit is still in English.I'm also thinking that "inventario" should really be "inventaro" as well.

Don't get me wrong, it's utterly awesome that you have an Esperanto translation already. It's just I'd like to adapt it a little bit for my game. I assume it's in the Esperanto.aslx - can that be edited or viewed?

It'd be really useful to know what command words etc. are already in there.

I've not done a ton of coding apart from in MUDs so excuse me if I'm coming in noob here.

Multajn dankojn...

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