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I gonna ask a really stupid question. I was starting to write my first story and in no time I already have 10 pages of 1-2 sentences each. How do you do to organize all your pages? I mean, right now it's no problem but when i have 100 pages I can go crazy to find X page. There has to be some way to organize visualy the pages to make it easy to navigate when you are writing, right?

It turns out you can actually create "pages" to hold other pages. Since the pages are referenced by name, it doesn't matter if they're contained inside other pages or not. The containing pages would not actually be pages you could visit in the game. They would just exist to hold the other pages (or other pages of pages, to whatever depth you want).

So just add a page with a name like "First Pages" (or whatever you want). Then drag and drop the pages for that group into it. Create as many as you want.

I'm not sure if that addresses what you want, but that's the best I can come up with at the moment.

(Note that this is for the desktop version. I don't know if it applies to the online editor.)

Thanks you, that make it much more easy

An additional question: is there anyway to make objects in the GUI editor list alphabetically? Or will they always display in the order in which they were created?

Sadly, I think they will always be in the order you create them, though you can drag and drop them to move them around manually.

This is a feature, not a bug. There are times when the order is important, and in those situations it is vital that objects are not listed alphabetically.

Actually, I wasn't implying it was a bug. I was mostly thinking about things like Internet Explorer favorites, the file view in Windows Explorer, etc, where you can explicitly say, "Sort by name" for those cases where you want them to be.

Just out of curiosity, when does order in the file matter? Is it something to do with "object" or "object list" attributes?

A couple of years ago I put in a request to have all the game 'tree' folders closed by default when you open a project. It never got implemented unfortunately, but it would make things so much easier.

There is a "Collapse All" option on the right-click menu for the tree, if that helps. It won't start up that way, but it's just a single step to get there.

Oh, I never knew this! That does help, thank you. I've always done it the hard way in the past.

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