Making a texting text adventure

Hi! I’m starting anew game; trying to once again get a little bit more out of my comfort zone while getting a better grasp of Quest’s functions.
This time I’m in a bit of a pickle though.... (@[email protected])
I wanted to make a game a bit like you’re on an iPhone- you have selections to choose from, and the contact on the other end (an NPC) will respond accordingly. I’ve got the message- and- response thing all sorted out in a little pseudocode I’ve made, but before I start, does anyone’s know how to format Quest so the UI looks like iMessages or something similar??? (Like little speech bubbles)
I’m pretty sure with photo editing software I can make this, but I really would love it if there was a simpler way to just format it so all I would have to do is insert the text. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

That would be a big help!(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

Oh, and one more thing!
I’ve umm..... Never really used HTML, CSS, JS or JQuery on Quest before......
I use the web version and I’m on iPad sooo... yeah... ummm... Never before really needed to use it... *heh heh....
*slightly dying inside
If you have a good way that isn’t too complicated that uses one of those (above mentioned)
I can’t believe I’m saying this...
Pleeeeaaasse hold my hand through this :3
You r da master and I needddd guidance

Hello Fuzzybunny,

Firstly, which type of game are you creating (Gamebook or Text Adventure, online, offline)? I haven't used the Gamebook side of Quest desktop, but I've built a new UI for my game using the Text Adventure and exporting with questJS. Here is a quick example of what I have done for my UI, it is a bit behind the current releases, but the next update will include current releases. It is all handled with CSS and questJS exporting. If you aren't going to export with questJS, all of the UI changes have to happen inside Quest, under the User Interface Init (desktop Quest has this under the Advanced Scripts tab, which means you have to enable it under the Features tab first).

Be well,

Yeah, I’m using text adventures :)
That looks reealllly cool :D
Would it work for an iPhone- sort of- format???
Probably lol.
I really need to start using JS and CSS stuff :p
If it doesn’t bother you (like, you can say “nah uh too much to explain”) could you walk me through the process? I’ve checked the tutorial that quest has and I’m still not exactly sure where to enter it in.
Thx :3

I don’t think I’m going to export it with quest JS, and I’ve already enabled the advanced scripts tab (for other components of my script)

Bumpety bump bump

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