A New Direction in Mapmaking...

Check out my latest Outdoor Map Demo 2.0:


IMPORTANT: Remember to download the demo, rather than playing it online. And turn on your audio!

Thanks to KV, MrAngel, and the rest of the Quest community!

Hex map... interesting...

Why, thank you! :D That's the best (and only) comment I've gotten so far!

I'm still on 5.7 so I couldn't open it. Checked it out online though. It's a cool thing you've created!

Aah, sorry it doesn't work in 5.7. I wonder how much trouble would it be to modify it to work in 5.7?

Change the second line from:
<asl version="580">
<asl version="550">
I guess this was made with the latest updated version of Quest...
At least it loads now, some errors at the start, but I assume it is due to not having the latest ver of Quest...
Cool so far!!!

Nice! And I have managed to solve one quest :-)


I would advise against changing the asl version (without extensively testing everything afterwards).

Quest 5.7.2 was asl version 550. Quest 5.8 is version 580.

There are quite a few differences in the ways these two versions work under the hood, the most important of which is probably the way turns are finished.

If you play an old game (asl version 550 or previous) in Quest 5.8, it will use the old scripts and functions. So, Quest 5.8 is backwards compatible with published games.

But many things were added to Quest 5.8 which will not work at all in Quest 5.7.2, hence the change in the asl version. Quest checks to make sure the asl version of the game is listed as compatible. If the asl version is not listed, it will not allow the user to play the game. (This is why newer games won't run in Quest 5.7.2.)

All that being said, if I were authoring a game, I would definitely not upgrade Quest until I finished.

Well... Okay, I'm lying. What I did (with Quest 5.7.2 still installed) was open up my "Program Files" directory; then I right-clicked on the "Quest 5" folder and copied it; then pasted to the Desktop; then renamed the newly created directory on my Desktop to "Quest 572"; and then I updated to Quest 5.8.

Now, I can run Quest.exe from the "Quest 572" directory on my desktop to work on my old game-in-progress in Quest 5.7.2, or I can just open Quest normally (from the Start Menu or by double-clicking a .quest or .aslx file) to run Quest 5.8.


If you open an .aslx file with asl version 550 in the editor with Quest 5.8, the first time Quest saves the game from the GUI interface it will change the asl version to 580. (Just a heads up. You may or may not want this to happen, depending on what all features have been added to said game file.)

Clever way of having both Quest 5.7.2 and 5.8 on your computer to run games of both versions.

My change allows the game (demo) to be played...
But yes, not everything works...
And Quest locks-up when you try to enter the dark green areas.

But... you do get to see how it works...

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