How do I call to the players alias?

I allowed the player to set their own alias, but now I need to be able to call to the alias they set. how do I do this?

if you want them to see or call their name use

msg ("Your name is " + player.alias + ".")

All this is, is a Print Message use expression then the rest is their.

Thank you so much! It worked. So I also have the players' answer repeat so that they can see all the dialogue (Here's a link to the game
The last thing you will see is what I need help with.

The error after asking Lacy whats the book about?

Oh, no that was just me forgetting to put something in Switch script. I fixed it, so it should work now. It'll tell you in bold when it's the part.

Not sure on that I use font size and color to make it different I don't know if its in the code to make text bold.

Yeah, but when they say their answer, their answer disappears and doesn't even show. Is there any way to make it stay? or is there a way to call to the answer, somehow?

Can't you get the answer the same way you did for an earlier question?
When you ask the player a question, the answer is normally in the result variable. You can display it right away, or save it in an attribute like you did with the alias.

Maybe I misunderstood the problem?

yep, that worked. I just did the same thing with the " + player.alias + " but i used " + result + "
Thank you for helping me once again, mrangle! Along with onimike, of course

Glad you got it guess i misunderstood the question.

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