HELP ME, I Keep Getting A Weird Error Message

Friends, listen, I am but a simple writer, trying to make a choose your own adventure type story. Maybe one day, I'll try to get fancy and add images and music, but right now, I'm just trying to write the darn thing. Like, this bad boy could easily be printed in book form and you would get the same experience.

So I'm not trying anything fancy. I'm not trying to code, I'm not messing with the code, I don't know how to code and I almost failed my coding class in college. I am using the online editor, and I am copying the words I wrote from a Google Doc and pasting them into the box that says "put your text here."

Everything has been going pretty smoothly for the first 13-15 pages, but today for some reason, anything I try to do (paste text and save, paste text and link to an existing page, link to a new page, etc) results in a 'Sorry, an internal error has occurred." and then the page wants to reload.

Any ideas on what might be going on from more experienced users? Does this just happen sometimes and clears up on its own, or will I need to start over? Thanks!

I also ave the same problem too....please help summerb4jc and i out!

From the sound of it, you are creating a gamebook, or Squiffy, online, and there is a server timeout.
Dumb question, and reason you are not using the downloaded version???
Local has many more features than the on-line version...
And yes, in some ways, it's like 2 different versions of Quest.
As to your last question, yea, it sometimes clears it's self up.

It happens sometimes. It could be that the server is overloaded, in which case try again later.

Or it could be that the JS part of the editor is in an inconsistent state; in which case close the tab and open it again.

Internal Error means unexpected (by website developers) error happened, and in most cases it is impossible to know what is wrong without server logs.
Also, it is possibly a bug. If this is the case, usually it helps to have clear steps of reproducing such error.

So, if you could tell step by step what you were doing when you got that error and anything else that can help reproduce that error - I think it would help the maintainer/developer of this project.

Please try now. I'm worked today to solve a problem in the server.

SOLVED! I mean, I'm not sure how, it either went away on its own, or whatever manowar did worked because I could paste and save and link to existing pages to my heart's content. Thanks!

(Also, reason I did not download is because I am new to the software, and the online version seemed the simplest and most straightforward)

If possible, use the downloaded version. So much better.

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